Pass Your Test And Get Your Driver’s License ASAP!

So you finally have registered for your Singapore driving test and the test date is coming right up??

Time to rock and roll and get your driving license!

Here are some preparation work you might want to note before going for your examination.

– Get some talcum powder and apply it to your hands if you have sweaty palms. This is to prevent any accidental slips while turning the steering wheel.

– Make sure to always ease into the brakes and accelerator pedal. Never jam into it.

– When you’re driving on the roads in Singapore, ALWAYS keep your eyes on the road, I don’t understand why some people actually have the audacity to look at their phones.

Top mistakes to commit in Traffic Police Test

Passing the Traffic Police Practical Exam is easy if you are prepared for it. Many people fail because they are not prepared for it. Here are some of the top mistakes made in driving test Singapore.

1. Not prepared enough. Did not take enough driving lessons and still is incompetent in driving. You are still uncertain in some areas of driving and needs more driving lessons to iron out your thoughts and doubts.

2. Being too nervous. Do not be a nerve wreck and be too unnecessarily nervous during the driving test. Being too nervous will make your lose your cool and result in sub-optimal performance and careless mistakes which may be major deal-breaker.

3. Forget your signalling. Forgetting to signal before turning will give you unnecessary demerit points in the driving test. It will also cause other road users to not know where are you going and result in near collisions which may fail your TP test.

4. Going too fast, especially in the circuits. Everyone goes slow and steady in the circuit. Do not go too fast and hit the kerbs. Also, going too fast may make your tester uncomfortable.

My Driving Experience

I learnt driving through a private driving instructor. He was really patient and experienced, guiding me well throughout all my driving lessons with him. In the first lesson, I went in and sit in the driver seat. Then he taught me the basics of pre-driving checks to conduct to make sure that the car and me are ready to go for driving. Checking of the side mirrors, rear mirror, and buckling your seat belt is a must before moving off.

Then, he taught me the basics of pressing the accelerator and brake pedals. As a new learner, I made the common mistake of stepping on the pedals too hard. One must be gentle on the pedals to ensure a smooth driving experience for you and the passengers.

For my next few driving lessons in Singapore, I learnt to handle the steerling wheel. With practices, I master the art of controlling the wheel and thus, the car. Once you learnt how to control the wheel, any maneuver will be easy for you.

Tips For Beginner Drivers

One of the hardest things you will notice while taking your driving lessons Singapore is starting off and stopping smoothly. This is because most drivers tend to over accelerate violently instead of easing into the acceleration pedal.

You don’t actually have to step into it when driving. You need to ease into it, and that should be the case with your brakes as well.

Watch the following video which teaches you how to start and stop smoothly so you can execute it better as well during your Singapore driving lessons.

Driving Tips In Singapore

If you are a foreigner and would like to get a Singapore driving license, you will need to go through these driving license conversion process as shown on the police’s website.

Otherwise, here are the tips on passing your driving test on the first try to save yourself money as well as start driving sooner on the roads for real!

First of all, you should ideally engage a private driving instructor as these teachers allow for more customized learning as the speed at which they teach is dependent on your learning curve and how fast you learn.

Next, they need to teach you well as their income depends entirely on you and your word of mouth marketing for them. This is in stark contrast to school teachers who don’t really care about you as their only duty is to teach strictly according to the curriculum and not speed up or slow down according to your needs.

Finally, you get to use the exact same car for your traffic exam driving test. So you will be perfectly used to the maneuvering as well as acceleration and braking and thus be able to help you pass your test easier.

Why Choose Private Driving Instructors

I highly recommend you go for a private driving instructor in Singapore versus the school teacher to teach you how to drive and getting your license and here are some good reasons why.

Private driving instructors actually depend on each and every student for their living. As sole proprietors of their business, they need to ensure great word of mouth marketing. So they truly need to engage their students and customize their teaching to enhance the driving student’s learning experience.

Next, they are not obliged to fulfill a pre-determined set of number of lessons – which is the case with school. It is entirely dependent on how fast you learn. Thus, saving you both time and money.

Additionally, private instructors generally are much cheaper than a school teacher too – and that saves you lots of cash for other purposes.

Finally, their timings are also more flexible and thus be able to better cater to your personal schedule.

Getting Your License To Drive

Are you finally 18 and can’t wait to learn to drive? I know!!!! I was there before too.

Hi, my name is Jacob and I go by the codename dedust.

Anyway, so I got my driving license in Singapore which happens to be an international license as well – which is awesome.

Now, what can you expect during your process to getting your license in Singapore?

Stop thinking about driving first and listen to me!

– Apply for basic theory test and pass it

– Apply for provisional driving license and get driving lessons from private driving instructors. If you need help, find SGLEARNTODRIVE for private driving instructors

– Apply for final theory test and pass it

– Apply for final practical driving tests and pass it!

That’s the simple and relatively straightforward process. The BTT and FTT are the same for both manual and auto car learners, so it’s a non-hassle.